Why Cigars and Coffee are an excellent pairing!

Why Cigars and Coffee are an excellent pairing!

Drinking a cup of coffee is part of many people’s morning routine, but have you ever smoked a cigar with your morning coffee? Cigars and coffee are, surprisingly, a match made in heaven. While the caffeine in coffee gives you a boost of energy to help get your day started, the nicotine from the cigar helps to relieve the stress brought on by a long day of work ahead of you. That’s why this is the perfect way to start your day. Additionally, the flavors in coffee and in cigars actually blend perfectly together and wonderfully complement each other making them an extremely successful pairing. 

How to pair the right cigar with the right coffee.

 Remarkably, the flavors of coffee and Maduro cigars are quite similar, so when paired together they enhance each other's flavors. Coffee has those nutty tobacco flavor notes, while tobacco often has coffee flavor notes. Although coffee goes with every cigar, when pairing the two together it is best to choose flavors that properly complement each other so they blend well, rather than one overpowering the other. The best method is to choose a coffee and a cigar that have similar flavor profiles. For example, a mild cigar would pair best with a light roast coffee. A medium strength cigar would go best with a medium roast coffee. And a strong, rich cigar would pair best with a dark roast coffee. If you were to pair a mild cigar with a dark roast coffee, the coffee flavor would suffocate the flavor of the cigar and vice versa. Therefore, similarities in taste is a key factor when pairing the two together. A delicious pairing proposition would be a mocha latte with a maduro cigar because maduro’s often contain chocolate, nutty flavors creating a perfect flavor balance. 

Can’t go wrong with this flawless combo.

 Overall, coffee and cigars are a pairing that definitely will not disappoint. Next time you wake up stressed about a grueling, long work day, pour yourself your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy it in your backyard with the perfect cigar to go with it.