New cigar smokers are unaware of the art of properly caring for and storing their cigars. If you keep your premium cigars in a dry and hot environment, they will dry up faster than a cut flower in an empty vase.

Here are some tips on properly caring for and storing your Cigars after bringing them home from the smoke shop or tobacconist.

1. Keep cigars that have dried out in your humidor

By placing dry tobacco in the humidor and slowly raising the humidity level inside, you can slowly introduce moisture back into it. This process should take approximately 1 – 3 weeks if done correctly.

On the other hand, you may have to dispose of your cigars if they are over-humidified. This will cause will cause the wrapper to peel, shrink, and crack, thus affecting the smoking experience.

NOTE: - Make sure to monitor the humidity levels in your humidor. Mold may develop on over-humidified cigars, and the wrappers may split. Excessively humid cigars will burn erratically and may not light at all.

2. Maintain humidity and temperature to prevent your cigars from mold.

A rule in the cigar world is that most cigars do best with a relative humidity of 70% and 68 degrees. However, it can be challenging to maintain this level due to varying seasons. Therefore a range between 62 and 72 humidity is acceptable.

Some cigars do best in drier areas due to weather and procedures in manufacturing the cigar. For example, you will find that cigars with thick wrappers and more oils require less humidity.

Experts recommend adding 1% moisture for each degree to lower the temperature. For example, if the temperature is 67 degrees, your humidity should be 71%.

TIP: Always check  for guidelines on manufacturing  the cigar to keep the climate similar

3. Buy a humidistat and hygrometer to help keep your Cigars fresh

To keep your cigars fresh, you will need to purchase a humidistat and a hygrometer. These two tools work relatively together.

Humistats are tiny humidifier tools that don't need electricity to maintain constant humidity. For example, many cigar humidistats are constructed of synthetic clay and maintain a relative humidity level of approximately 70 percent.

A hygrometer is a gadget that displays the amount of humidity in an area. There are both digital and analog hygrometers.

Traditional versions are more expensive and more stable and need no bi-yearly recalibration. Digital versions, on the other hand, are considerably more costly yet far more trustworthy and don't require regular calibration.

TIP: Do your research and pick a humidistat and hygrometer that fits your budget and collection.

4. Use a humidor for proper storage of your Cigars.

The most straightforward approach to keep natural cigars at home is to get a humidor. These containers are designed to mimic the conditions where cigars are stored, and you can customize the number and kind of cigars you're keeping. They might help add or eliminate any extra moisture.

Humidors are great for keeping old cigars and revitalizing them for brief durations.  It would be best to store new cigars in a humidor before smoking. If you notice a new cigar burning poorly, chances are the manufacturer added extra moisture to help it stay fresh before it reaches the vendor.  Put cigars that are too fresh inside the humidor for a week to stabilize, and then try again.

Other Tips on storing cigars in a humidor

  • Remove cellophane wraps before putting cigars in the humidor if you want the flavors to meld.
  • Don't put cigars tightly on top of each other. Instead, spread them to allow airflow between each cigar.
  • Keep cigars at the proper humidity level. Cigars should stay at 70% humidity or slightly higher to maintain their flavor and quality. The cigars can be re-humidified by adding water to the humidifier inside the humidor. Make sure to follow the instructions that were included in your humidor.
  • Keep cigars at a temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid drying them out. Any cigars exposed to extreme heat or cold must be kept in a separate humidifier to preserve their quality until they can be re-humidified.
  • Regulate airflow into the humidor with a top or bottom vent. Humidor will help keep the cigars at the desired humidity level.
  • Rotate cigars every few months. It would be best to rotate cigars every few months to ensure that all cigars have an opportunity to age evenly.

TIP: Purchase a humidor that is the right size for your collection. A humidor should not be overly full or empty.

How to store Cigars without a humidor

Cigars don't stay for a long time if not properly stored. Here's how to keep your cigars if you don't have a humidor:

  • Place them in a ziplock bag or a sealed plastic container if you have an open box.
  • Fill a clean sponge with tap water and stick it in.
  • Use one sponge per 25 cigars. Break the sponge into smaller pieces if you only have a few cigars.

Bottom line

Properly storing your cigars can help maintain their quality and flavor. Always keep dried-out cigars away from more humidified ones to avoid molding or damaging both types of cigars. Remember to maintain humidity at 70% RH with temperatures between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit; this will prevent molds growth on either type of cigars. Finally,buy a humidor if possible because they have an integrated hygrometer and thermometer, which helps regulate temperature and humidity levels inside without checking it constantly yourself.