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Natural Wrapped Cigars


The natural cigar is the obvious choice for the individual who wants quality and comfort. The best premium cigars in the world are what is the right fit for that individual. Natural leaf cigars are a lighter color and are among the most popular types of cigars enjoyed around the world. When it comes to Nicaraguan cigars you can enjoy many different types but most would agree that Naturals are their favorite. When choosing your premium cigars we recommend starting with natural cigars as the point of origin for your journey into the cigar world. When you enjoy an Escobar Cigar® you will be stricken by our quality and our assembly. We set out to find the best Cigars in the Napa Valley of the Nicaraguan Cigar world that the world had not had the chance to enjoy yet. We believe we have found that and now they are available for you to enjoy. The best Cigars in the world should not be incredibly expensive. Welcome to shangri la for the finest premium cigars on the market today. Enjoy what we call Relentless Perfection.