Escobar Cigars started from a core group of close, longtime friends who had a dream to find a diamond in the rough and share it with the world. The passion and meticulous attention to detail evolved into what Escobar Cigars has become. An Escobar Cigar is smooth from the first puff to the last, with minimal throat burn and a finish that dissipates from your palate long before your next day begins.  

We know that when you smoke an Escobar Cigar you have made a commitment to enjoy it through its entire smoke. We aim to open the conversation about what the Escobar Cigar experience will be… You sitting around with friends or strangers smoking and sharing your enjoyment of Escobar Cigars while connect with others on a deeper level. If we can all take the time to communicate and understand each other while savoring an Escobar Cigar, we might realize that we have far more in common than we ever thought.

Change comes with small adjustments. It is never easy, and it takes time. But if we all do our part, the world can be a much brighter and welcoming place.

Escobar Cigar excellence is what we do, in everything that we assemble, and everything we put our name on. Through our philanthropic efforts we aim to help the world as much as we hope to help others see what the world can be.

Find and connect with us on social media your passion can be your way of life.