How To Keep Your Cigars Fresh!

It is critically important do keep your Escobar Cigars® in a humidor until they are ready to be smoked. Our premium cigars are Nicaraguan grown and in order to keep them in the best possible condition you will want to make sure your cigars stay at a constant humidity. Cigars both natural tobacco and maduro tobacco should be kept in an air-conditioned or heated room will dry up and die faster than a cut flower in an empty vase.

Once you open your box of cigars they will only lose humidity.  If you need to keep a few cigars humidified when traveling you may keep a damp small piece of a clean kitchen sponge in a sealed plastic bag for a day or two with little issue. When you purchase a box of Escobar Cigars® you will find that the box is made from the finest white cedar and is the same wood used for many humidors. 

In order to maintain the proper moisture you may purchase packets from companies like BOVEDA or HUMISMART to keep your premium cigars at the perfect 70%-75% humidity. By simply placing one of these packets in your cigar box your humidity will be maintained for several months.  

A humidor is a cigar storage device and considered to be the most elegant and ideal device to keep your variety of cigars in the best condition before smoking. A humidor can be the size of a room or cabinet or as small as a single cigar tube. Consider that your hand rolled Escobar Cigars® were grown, rolled, and aged in a humid environment and you should always try and keep them in those conditions.  Kept in the correct humidified conditions your cigars can be kept for years. 

Many premium cigar smokers have more than one humidor especially if they are a Cigar Aficionado who enjoys traveling with their cigars. Different Cigars have different flavors and keeping natural cigars or maduro cigars in the same humidors together can change their flavor over time forming a blend of flavor notes when smoked. 

Every cigar smoker has their own style and their own taste just make sure that you take care of your barrels before smoking them!