How to Properly Cut Your Cigar!

There are few pleasures in life that can compare to smoking a premium cigar. The aroma, the flavor, and the overall experience is something you have to try for yourself. The Escobar packs all of that and more into each cigar.

 There are many ways to cut an Escobar cigar, and each aficionado has their own preference. But before you smoke your first one, there are some things about cutting an Escobar cigar that you should know. This blog post will cover the 4-step process to properly cut an Escobar cigar so that it tastes its best when smoked!

Step No.1: Prepare Your Cutter

The first step is to prepare your cutter. If you don't have a cigar cutter, then any sharp knife with a thin blade will work as well, but we don't recommend it. A sharp knife can easily damage the cigar, and you may end up with a bad smoking experience.

 If you are using a cigar cutter, make sure the blade is sharp and in good condition. If not, then you can either sharpen it or replace it. Dull blades will not make a clean cut on the cigar, and you may end up with an uneven smoking experience.

Pro Tip: Don’t Use a Blade To Cut Your Cigar

It's a good idea to exercise caution when cutting open your cigar.

 For example, using the wrong blade could end up with you slicing your finger all because of how sharp these blades can be!

 If that doesn’t convince you then maybe this will: shredding or damaging part of tobacco often changes its taste anyway so when we do that for one side, there is no going back - those little bits don't mix well at all in most cases.

Step No. 2: Look at the Head

Before cutting your cigar, make sure to look at the head. The way in which your Escobar cigar is wrapped will determine how you should cut it.

 If your cigar is wrapped with a pigtail, meaning that there's an extra piece of tobacco at the head, then you should cut it off with a cutter. If your Escobar cigar has a closed head, then you will need to cut off the cap before you can start smoking.

Pro Tip: Cutting a Pigtail

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on an Escobar cigar with a pigtail, make sure and snip off the end.

 This will give you one clean-cut and minimize how much tobacco gets lost in this process, therefore maximizing its shelf life for when people want more than just an hour or so of smoking pleasure but rather hours’ worth!

Step No. 3: Prepare Your Cigar for Cutting

Once you've looked at the head and determined what type of cut your Escobar cigar requires, you can start preparing it for cutting.

 Before you slice the cap off with your cutter, be sure to remove any loose tobacco from the head of the cigar. This will help to ensure a clean cut and prevent any tobacco from getting into your mouth while smoking.

Pro Tip: Wetting the Cigar

Some premium cigar enthusiasts recommend wetting the cigar before cutting it. This will help to make a clean cut and minimize any damage to the wrapper.

 However, there are some aficionados who believe that wetting a cigar before smoking is bad for it and will affect how it tastes. These people warn you not only about the negative effects on flavor but also make sure your saliva doesn't get near enough to contaminate their precious smoke!

Step No. 4: Cut Your Cigar

The final step is to cut your cigar. For this, you will need a sharp cutter.

 Hold the cigar in one hand and place the cutter over the head of the cigar so that the blade is facing down.

 Then, apply pressure with your thumb and middle finger on either side of the cutter to slice the cap off the cigar.

 There are two main ways to do this:

The Guillotine Method

The guillotine cutter is a simple, two-piece device that most cigar smokers use. Simply place your cigar in the cutter and slice right through it, like you're slicing bread!

The Punchcutter Method

The punchcutter is another common way to cut the cap off. Place your cigar in the punchcutter and push down until you're satisfied with how much of it is sticking out.

 Whichever method you choose, remember to cut the cap off at a 45-degree angle. This will make it much easier for your cigar to draw smoke.

 When you are cutting your cigar, always leave at least a ¼ inch of tobacco on the head. This will ensure that you get the most out of every puff!

Pro Tip: Don’t Cut Too Much off the Head of Your Cigar

One mistake that many smokers make is slicing right through the very top of their cigar when they first start smoking it.

 This is a big no-no because you are cutting away all those flavorful tobacco leaves, which means you lose some great taste and aroma.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there is no wrong or right way to cut an Escobar cigar - it's all about what works best for you. So, experiment and find the cut that gives you the best smoking experience!

 Now that you know how to properly cut your Escobar cigar, it's time to put what you've learned into practice. Remember to take your time and be gentle when slicing the cap off. This is a process that should be enjoyed, not rushed.

 Once you have mastered this skill, you will be able to enjoy your Escobar cigar to the fullest!

 So, there you have it! The complete 4-step process to properly cut an Escobar cigar. The next step is to actually start smoking it, so stay tuned for the final blog post in this series, where we'll cover how to light and enjoy your Escobar cigar!