Natural Cigars vs Maduro Cigars what's the difference?

One of the biggest questions that we receive from our customers is "What is the difference between a Natural and a Maduro cigar?"
The answer is much simpler than most people realize.

A Natural cigar is always going to be a lighter color than a Maduro. The color of Natural cigars will appear as a light brown or tan color. Natural cigars are traditionally a smoother cigar with milder flavors and enhanced nutty tones on the front end as well as the way the cigar finishes. People who are new to a cigar brand or new to cigar smoking should usually try Natural cigars before they smoke a Maduro cigar. Natural cigars for many cigar makers are the introduction to the level of artistry and craftsmanship that the customer should expect when smoking premium cigars.

A Maduro cigar is most recognizable as having a much darker colored wrapper. You will notice that Maduro cigars will appear to have a similar color to dark roasted coffee. There is a popular misconception that Maduro means a "stronger" cigar when in fact Maduro means "ripe". The hallmarks for Maduro cigars are largely about the flavor profiles of the cigar as you smoke it. A Maduro cigar frequently has a molasses, coffee, or chocolaty flavor. As you smoke a Maduro cigar you will find that these flavors become more pronounced the closer you get to the end of the cigar (nub).

At Escobar Cigars® we treat our Natural cigars as our calling card and everyday smoke while our Maduro cigars are for the cigar smokers looking to see something more complex.
As you smoke any cigar the flavor profile will continue to change in subtle ways. This is due to the smoke traveling through the cigar and intensifying the concentrations of the flavor as the smoke travels down through the length of the cigar.
When you smoke an Escobar Cigar® you will notice the flavor building to a crescendo that we call our true hallmark of what makes our cigars truly special. A veritable characteristic of a fine cigar is how the cigar finishes which is usually considered to be the best part of the cigar smoking experience. These will be the strongest flavors that the smoker will experience while enjoying their cigar.
We encourage anyone who is undecided about what cigars to try to begin with our Natural Master Sampler Series. This sampler will contain all 5 exquisite rolls and allow the smoker to decide what type of cigar is their favorite smoke. We will go into more detail about each roll type in another blog post.
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