Escobar Cigars and Nasir Jones, the rapper and actor better known as Nas, were recently featured in Cigar and Spirits Magazine. The article highlights the partnership between the two, with Nas serving as the face of Escobar Cigar's line and sharing his love for the luxury smoking experience.

According to the article, Nas has been a fan of cigars for years and was excited to team up with Escobar to create a line of cigars that reflect his personal taste and style. The cigars, which are handcrafted in the Nicaragua using premium tobacco, are described as having a smooth, rich flavor with notes of cedar and spice.

In the magazine, Nas talks about how he enjoys smoking cigars and how he came into the business, saying, "I realized that I was a walking poster child for a couple of things, and cigars were one of them. I knew one day I would have a partner with the right people so that people can experience my experience, and experience my music in a more physical sense with actually touching the brand."

Continuing he added "Escobar has been a nickname of mine since the 90's. Escobar is aware of what's in my music. They're aware of my lifestyle. There's tons of pictures of me smoking cigars. I think they knew that it would just be a great opportunity to meet and go after it, and do something fun and good for the smoker. We could really do our thing." 

The article also features a photos of Nas enjoying Escobar cigars and Hennessey in a variety of settings in beautiful photographs in a private location.

Overall, the feature in Cigar and Spirits Magazine showcases the partnership between Escobar Cigars, Hennessey, and Nas with the luxurious experience of smoking one of his premium cigars. It also highlights the appreciation of Nas for cigars as a way to enjoy and unwind.

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