Top US Destinations That Make A Cigar Lovers Dreams Come True

Smoking cigars is something you can do almost anywhere, from smoke friendly bars, to stunning golf courses, to the comfort of your own backyard. However, if you’re looking to really immerse yourself in the cigar smoking culture and enjoy your cigars in a city filled with fellow smokers, there are a few US destinations that you must check out! 

 First on our list and one of the most popular, is the one and only “Sin City”, Las Vegas. Vegas is filled with 24 hour casinos, and the absolute best way to enjoy gambling is to pair a nice, smooth cigar with your favorite drink. Not to mention that in the casinos drinks are FREE! You'll enhance your experience enjoying all the games the casino has to offer with bottomless drinks, your favorite cigars, and your best buds. Nothing better than that!

 Another awesome spot on the list of must visit destinations for cigar smokers is Miami, Florida. Take a trip down south to savor those tasty cigars while laying in the sun on a spectacular beach. Miami being so close to the border makes it the perfect location to not only smoke cigars, but also to purchase them. Tons of cigars are being imported from South America and the Caribbean, making Miami their first pit stop. Whether you want to chill by the pool, play some golf with your friends, or hit the nightclubs while indulging in a luxury cigar, Miami is the place for you!

 Finally, if visiting a city that never sleeps is what entices you the most, head to the Big Apple to satisfy your greatest cigar cravings. New York City has it all, from some of the finest dining in the world, to extraordinary shows and events, to the best shopping in the nation. Take advantage of your lavish vacation and head to one of the many upscale lounges to have your most memorable cigar smoking experience. Don’t worry if it’s 11pm and you're on your last cigar because a handful of shops remain open til the middle of the night! New York City is truly a cigar lover's dream if you’re looking for an extravagant, rich vacation.