Cigars and Celebrations

In many places around the world, it's tradition to have a cigar as a celebration of success or victory. Oftentimes, the cigar is purchased as a symbol of success and only smoked once the personal or team goal is accomplished. In this tradition, the cigar serves not only as a means of celebration but also as a reward that may encourage someone to work towards a goal. Some of the most common celebrations that constitute smoking a cigar might be the birth of a child, purchasing a new home, wedding, work promotion, and finally a major sports victory. 

Birth of a Child 

Having a cigar after the birth of a new child is a ritual that is extremely common and dates back to the late 17th century. When a child is born, a cigar is smoked by the father and shared with friends as a celebration of value the child has placed on the family. There are even blue and pink cigar bands which represent the gender of the child. The day a child is born is also the day a man becomes a father, therefore, father’s day is an excellent holiday to celebrate with some cigars and a great gift for dad. 

House Warming 

When purchasing a new home, it is tradition to throw a housewarming party to honor this achievement and great life event. The guests generally bring gifts for the new home owners to celebrate their purchase and one tradition is to gift them with cigars to break in the new house. Waiting to smoke a fine cigar is a valued treat and often is saved for monumental events.


Weddings are definitely included on the list of large life accomplishments and definitely one to celebrate with some cigars. They are often handed out to guests to enjoy with the groom on his big day. Their popularity has increased so greatly that oftentimes wedding receptions have started including a cigar bar for their guests. Occasionally, they will have a dedicated lounge area at the reception that offers a place for the guests to toast and congratulate the new couple and celebrate in their honor. Additionally, it is tradition for the groom to send his groomsmen a gift when asking them to be in his wedding and cigars are commonly used as a gift for that. 


As cigars are representative of great achievements, they are often gifted to somebody when they receive a promotion at work either by their boss or their family and friends. When people smoke a cigar, they emanate a lot of respect. When businessmen climb the excel professionally, they demand a lot of respect as well. Smoking a cigar symbolizes the respect that is deserved during a promotion 

Sports Victory

Men and sports have gone hand in hand for countless years. Sharing a cigar after your favorite sports team has won a national championship is a special male bonding time. The excitement of the win combined with a fine cigar as you're just waiting for the right time to smoke it is a great way to share the happiness.