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How do I choose with size Cigar is right for me?

After you have chosen if you want to smoke a Maduro or a Natural Cigar the next question is "How do I decide what type of roll is the right one for me?"

The real question is what type of an experience do you want to have?  How much time do you have to enjoy your Escobar Cigar™?  Each roll type will have a different profile with regards to a slight flavor difference and smoking time. 

Let's start with a Churchill Cigar.  Churchill's came into prominence because of Winston Churchill as this was his favorite roll type for his Cigars.  Churchill's will smoke for a longer period of time.  A casual smoker could perhaps see a Churchill smoke for up to 45 minutes while a more vigorous smoker could finish a Churchill in 20 minutes.  Everything comes down to the unique experience of each individual person.  As you finish a Churchill you will notice stronger flavor notes than you would from a shorter Cigar because of the smoke that has passed through the entire barrel of the Cigar as you smoked it.  This extra smoke time enriches the flavors already present in tobacco while you smoke it.

Next we should discuss our Double Toro Gordo or our "DTG".  The DTG is the favorite of many Escobar Cigar™ customers as well as our Executives.  The DTG is slightly shorter than our Churchill but it is a thicker gauge Cigar which means more tobacco.  This Cigar can last as long or longer than a Churchill depending on who is smoking it but you will find the flavor profile to be among the richest in our collection.  As the smoke travels down this barrel it moves through more tobacco leaving even more taste and smokiness behind.  The finish of a DTG is truly a decadent experience.

Our Distinguidos Romeo is frequently referred to as the "Torpedo" roll.  This is because the Cigar is narrow but open at the tip and narrow and capped at the end.  Distinguidos Romeo's are best for the smoker on the move.  The cap can be easily bitten or pinched off if the smoker doesn't have a Cigar cutter.  The wind-gate can also be snipped to a variety of openings for the customer to enjoy.  The wider the wind-gate the more smoke will pass through the tobacco as the smoker pulls smoke through the Cigar.  The Distinguidos Romeo is our second most popular Cigar because of this variability and flavor.

The Double Corona is a shorter and slightly slimmer version of our DTG.  It has a powerful flavor and a wonderful smooth draw.  Due to the size difference this is an easier Cigar to smoke for some because it won't last quite as long and depending on the customer it can be the perfect smoke for them.  The beauty of Cigars are the same as with people, no two are alike and if they were the world sure would be a boring place.

Last but not least is the Robusto known as the old standby and the most widely recognizable size of Cigar for most people.  Our Robusto's are incredible Cigars.  They are not to short and not to thick.  This is commonly known as the Wedding Cigar.  The Groomsmen or Bridal party can walk off of the dance floor and enjoy a smoke together but not leave the party for an extended amount of time.  This is without question the safest place to start for any entry level Cigar smoker.

We hope this blog was helpful to you in your Cigar smoking journey to find your perfect Cigar.  We look forward to seeing your posts and tags on your social media accounts when you enjoy your Escobar Cigars™ with your friends and loved ones.  Cigars after all are a connecting experience, even if you are smoking by yourself Cigars are about reflection, celebration, and embracing the people around you.  Enjoy Cigars with others and get to know people that you may not have met otherwise.  Be safe and remember to have fun and be responsible.





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