"It's Escobar Season" - Nas & Escobar Cigars® Join Forces


A match started in Queensbridge but finalized in Nicaragua. A true aficionado of fine premium cigars, Escobar Cigars® and Nas are Relentless Perfection personified.

"When the team at Escobar Cigars® initially approached me, I was immediately drawn to the brand by the exceptional quality of their product,” said Nas. “This partnership with Escobar has been almost two years in the making and I am honored to be an equity partner with them. I am looking forward to growing this brand and to giving back to the local communities in Nicaragua where our tobacco is grown, aged, and hand-rolled into a premium cigar.”


Watch this Video to See How Our Premium Cigars Are Made

Escobar Cigars started in 2018 from a group of close longtime friends and in August 2021, the premium cigar brand brought on renowned musician Nas as a co-owner (who happens to share the same name as his alias) who also works closely as a brand ambassador with Hennessy and the NBA. Escobar Cigars are known for its two exceptional products, maduro and natural cigars, that are medium to strong bodied cigars with a perfectly smooth draw and a long lingering finish. The Cuban seeded and rolled cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua, offering consumers 5 different options for both maduro and natural blends depending on the smoker's preferred taste and draw. After a complete rebrand including its edgy all-black cigar box with a redesigned “E” logo on a gold cigar band, consumers can start with a sampler pack at $67.25 and between $250- $290 for a box of 25 premium cigars.